You’re a Luxury Brand, Play Hard to Get

Legs of a Mystery woman

Have you ever wondered what makes women who are hard to get so attractive? Not those who ‘play’ hard to get, but those who are genuinely mysterious and seemingly beyond your reach. In some ways, they are like luxury brands and there are lessons you can learn from them and apply to your business. Let us call that kind of woman the ‘mystery woman’.

If you have ever come across the 24 anti-laws of marketing, you might not have made the connection between them and the mystery woman. We’ll make the connection for you:

Anti-law #1. Forget about positioning; luxury is not comparative.

Your mystery woman is unique. She is not concerned about the competition, in fact, there is no competition for her. That is why she seems unfazed about the women around you. She does not need a unique selling proposition (USP) and neither do you. Most of that stuff you were taught in business school is for the general product, not the luxury product.

Anti-law #3. Don’t pander to your customers’ wishes

The mystery woman is not going bend to your will, she does what she wants when she wants to. You’ll only have whatever portion of her time she is willing to give you. Do the same for your luxury brand – your customers can have you, but only on your terms.

Anti-law #4. Keep non-enthusiasts out

Have you noticed how it seems all the men around her want to be with her? That’s because she doesn’t care for those who are uninterested in her. If you don’t want her, she doesn’t want you either. Take a cue from that and focus only on those who are actually interested in your luxury brand.

Anti-law #6. Dominate the client

Your mystery woman likes to dominate and dominate she does. In your world, the idea of someone else dominating might not exist, but when this woman enters your domain, that changes. With your business, make no mistake about who is in charge. You are. No one else.

Anti-law #7. Make it difficult for clients to buy

Just as the mystery woman is difficult to seduce, so should you make your product difficult for anyone to buy. Your luxury brand is not general. You are scarce. You are priceless.

Anti-law #11. The presumed price should always seem higher than the actual price

If you’ve ever managed to get one of those rare women, you may have realised their price was not as high as you’d imagined. Do the same with your products.

Anti-law #15. Do not sell

And you know the best thing about that mystery woman? You won’t get her. You might eventually, so you keep chasing, but for now, you won’t.

The power of a luxury brand is in its ability to retain its value and status. If you can’t remember all the anti-laws, remember to keep your products scarce and beyond everyone’s reach like the mystery woman you find intriguing.


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