What You Should Know About Cruising in a Luxury Yacht with Children

A luxury Yatch

Weekend holiday breaks are fun when you can relax with the kids at the local country club or a countryside hotel. But you know what is more fun? Taking them out to sea on a yacht cruise.

Whether it is a private yacht or a family yacht charter, it provides an opportunity for family bonding, a 5-star luxury experience, state-of-the-art on-board entertainment, sea swimming and a chance for you to spend quiet time with your spouse.

If you are using a family yacht charter, it is important to note that not all yachts are designed to be child-friendly. Therefore, you should indicate this when hiring from the charter. A family-equipped yacht makes the whole experience worthwhile.

Here are some ways to give your family a yachting experience they will always remember:


  • Plan your trip properly


A yacht trip isn’t about anchoring your fine boat in the middle of Sargasso. There are routes to take, navigational charts to plan. Sure, you won’t necessarily be sailing the boat, but you shouldn’t leave it entirely to the captain.

Involve your children too. Let them take active part in easy preparations. Teach them by showing them the navigational charts. Create a travel diary which they can help you fill in occasionally. There are rules for staying aboard a yacht, so if it is their first time, let them know about it. Ability to swim is not a criterion, but it is valuable. Don’t forget to pack items like UV-protective swimwear, sunscreen, water bottles and the like!


  • Safety is key


Like any other vacation, ensure you cover all the safety angles. It is therefore important to use a family (child-friendly) boat. They often come equipped with adequate protection. Familiarise yourself with the safety features aboard like gates, locks, netting or surveillance cameras.

You don’t want a chance of the younger ones going above deck when everybody is asleep. Other safety items include life jackets, spare boats, enough fuel, first aid kit, flare torches, and medicines in case someone gets seek sick.


  • Inquire from the yacht charter broker for adequate information


If you are using a yacht charter, there will likely be a support team onboard, especially if it is a luxury one. Consult with them for additional help if you need one. For instance, your family might want to snorkel at sea. Ensure all safety gear are in place, including a “life guard”.

Strap your children with lifejackets. Even if they are good swimmers, it is never advisable to take chances. Avoid taking erratic pets above deck as they could be a distraction for some children.

Finally, don’t forget to have some entertainment. Movies and music are fun. But a family dinner on the deck just before twilight is a great way to watch the sunset with your loved ones. After they have tucked in for the night, you can have some romantic time with your partner.

Sailing on a yacht beats any other kind of family outing. For one, you can anchor ashore and get a feel of land before heading back into sea- that is, if you miss it too much.

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