What About A Convertible?

Blue Convertible

The usual life can be boring, and driving could as well lose its thrill and excitement to the monotonous chore of mere transportation.

But there’s surely a way around that.

Since we’re mainly talking about cars and not life in general, why don’t we focus on the road.

Now, driving.

A good car with a good engine, anti-lock brakes, a comfortable hatchback with surplus leg space, a great roof for head room, perhaps a massaging driver’s seat won’t be bad, and yes a shed load of trunk space please. All these could be a predominant list of check boxes to strike while planning to buy a car right?

So a pleasant coupe or sedan could be just fitting.

But what about a convertible?

Why? You may ask. I believe Britain is a good answer to your question, but you might have to wait till the next few consecutive days of summer to see or be reminded of that.

So let me tell you.

The conception of driving has long adjusted to fit in the need for panache and pleasure right with the traditional demand for commuting and comfort, and even luxury and lavishness.

No collection of autos will ever be complete without a down-top in the fleet. None.

White Convertible

Also, if you’ve never been on the highway with the air blustering through your hair, perhaps you should stick your head out the window of your car (we highly do not recommend) on your next drive and see what you’re missing.

If you’re part of the one percent still contemplating the oddity of our resolute love for convertibles despite our dissuading weather here in Britain, then on any fair day, should it come around, beg the next driver you see with an open top to take you down the new A21, and you’ll understand. There is a reason a country is sticking to the love for cabrios despite the negating odds.

Sure the odds are not in favour, but are they ever? After all, summer still makes her cameo once every year and that’s about enough opportunity for us to combine driving with nature and finally feel a sense of exciting freedom from the cagey norm.

But it’s not just the air and feeling the elements that’s about convertibles. It’s about the elegance, the enchantment, the enticement of their sporty look and appeal. But I’m guessing you already know that we’re a nation of style.

Now there could be the worries of security with drop-tops but that bit’s been covered with the latest modifications now supporting fully reclining metal tops in some cars. Driving rigidity due to the absence of roofs have been a worry talk too, but trust innovation, convertibles are now close to perfect as any other car could be.

So if you are in for some gorgeous, and want the new experience of a convertible, these cars could just fit your fancy

  • The Jaguar F-Type convertible
  • Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet
  • Vauxhall C Cascada

And if you can get the high-end

  • Bentley Continental GTC convertible and
  • Rolls-Royce¬†Dawn

Convertibles will still remain at the helm when it comes to pure fun, unless the world’s first flying car is introduced – but it has to be convertible.

In the end, that highway trip on a fine Summer’s day should not be wasted sniffing in air-condition breeze in the confines of wound-up glasses. There’s a whole bunch of thrill out in the open air to soak in. And it’s never dull, that blazing moment in a roofless car.

So, what about a convertible?

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