The Most Luxurious Boats of 2017

Luxury yatch

Luxury boats or yacht are expensive, mostly privately owned, professionally crewed, well furnished, well designed architecturally build water vessels that provide their owners with adequate privacy and pleasure while sailing on the sea. A lot of companies all over the world since 1997 till date has undertaken the task of building beautiful water vessels ranging from 24 to 70 meters in size which provides their owners the comfort they require. Although over the years a lot of yachts has been built with many having several different specifications from others, there are ones that have just been exceptionally built and here is a list of some of them.

Azzam Yatch


Azzam is a luxurious yacht that has taken the spot of the largest yacht in the world. It is a 570 feet private yacht that was built and launched by Lurssen Yachts in 2013. It was beautifully designed by Christopher Leoni and it is said to have the ability to travel in shallow water at a very high speed. This yacht provides a luxurious 29-meter main salon, a beam, an open plan with no pillars, a submarine and a missile defense system. It costs an estimation of $605 million.

Yatch Eclipse


This is a luxurious motor yacht that was built on 9th December 2010. It is one of the yachts that have been built by Blohmtlloss of Hambury. It is estimated to be 162.5 meters long and costs 340 million euro. This yacht was built and delivered to a Russian businessman called Roman Abramovich. Its features and facilities include; 24 guest cabins, two helicopter pad, several hot tubes, two swimming pools, a disco hall for entertainment, a mini-submarine, 3 launch boats and a missile detection system for security purposes. Because of its enormous size, it requires at least 72 crew members to take care of it.

Interior of Yatch Dubai



Dubai is a beautiful royal yacht that was previously called Platinum, Panhandle and Gold star before renamed to Dubai to fit its owner. Dubai was built by Platinum yachts and designed by Andrew Winch for Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai and a Prime Minister. It is a 162 meter long water vessel that is capable of holding about 115 guests. It costs approximately $400 million and needs at least 88 crew members. Its features include; 5 VIP suites and guest suits containing balconies, a swimming pool, a disco room, gymnasium, a landing area for a sizeable helicopter, a cinema and a barbecue area.

Ms Amadea

MS Amadea

This is a beautiful cruise ship that was originally built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1991 before it was sold to Amadea Shipping Company in 2006. It is a lovely yacht that is 192 meters long and costs approximately $150 million. It contains 2 royal suits, 40 guest suites, 254 cabins with 106 of them having private balconies to provide an amazing view of the sea and also a foredeck super yacht helipad for any landing helicopter.

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