Still Haven’t Gotten the iPhone X? Well, Get on With it.

Iphone X

Are you tech savvy and interested in the latest gadgets and gizmos, with no holds barred? Or you’re bored and looking for the next best thing? Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

Apple has announced the release of their three new iPhones, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. And of the three, the iPhone X is the most extravagant, most expensive and is in more demand which makes it scarce and available to a select few. You have to be a part of that ‘’few.’’

These Apple products are priced at iPhone 8 – $699, iPhone 8 Plus – $799, and the iPhone X – $999. We all know how Apple products work – the higher the price, the more spectacular the device is.

There are a lot more reasons why the iPhone X should be your next device:

An Iphone


  • A Wider Screen


While the iPhone 8 features a 4.7-inch screen display and iPhone 8 Plus, a wider 5.5-inch display, the iPhone X is wider than both phones by 1.1 and 0.3 inches respectively with a massive 5.8-inch display which is almost the entire face of the phone. Apple confirms that “the display on iPhone X, is a whooping 145pt taller than a 4.7″ display, resulting in roughly 20% additional vertical space for content.


  • Face ID


Apple has upped their game with a new innovation which is the TrueDepth camera (notch, sensors and front camera). It is unique to the iPhone X as it cannot be found on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus or on any other brand.

The Face ID, one of the key features of the iPhone X has now replaced Touch ID as a means of unlocking the device and as it lacks a home button, the face recognition through cameras and sensors is the only way to unlock it. It will also be useful for things like Apple Pay. How cool is that?



  • High Pixel Density & Contrast Ratio


The selfie camera of the iPhone X has a one million-to-one (1,000,000:1) contrast ratio and a 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution at 458 pixels per inch (PPI) which makes it the highest pixel density for an iPhone. Even higher than the 1400:1 contrast on the iPhone 8 and the 401 PPI on the iPhone 8 Plus.

With the 3 amazing features on its front camera; Animoji – which is an exciting new feature that allows you send animated emojis that copy your voice and facial expressions; portrait lighting which removes the background in your selfies; and portrait mode selfies. It just keeps getting better and better!


  • Great Rear Camera too


The iPhone X is able to capture sharper shots even when in low light as a result of the optical image stabilisation feature it possesses for both the telephoto and wide angle lenses in the rear camera system.


  • Better Displays


The iPhone X features an OLED screen which is better than the LCD screen of the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus. It produces more accurate colours, sharper and deeper, making your image quality of the highest grade.

It also supports HDR unlike the iPhones * and 8 Plus.

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