Furniture Ideas for Your Home

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Have you ever entered a home and immediately got fascinated with the furniture? A house can’t become a home without the furniture in it. House, of course, means a building, but a home is where you live, it’s where you eat, sleep, drink, laugh, cry and sometimes even die. A home is literally, you. You can buy anybody’s house but what really makes it yours, is the home you create in it. The little things you place here and there, the type of painting or wallpaper, the blinds, the flooring and most importantly the furniture tell your visitor the type of person you are. Now, I know that you want your home to exude confidence, affluence and class, so I have suggested a few additions or modifications that would immediately distinguish your home.

Beautiful furniture

Magnetic Floating Bed

The concept of a magnetic floating bed was first implemented by Ruijssenaars. The project took a long time (6 years) and they collaborated with Bakker Magnetics to produce the first bed. You get to lie on a bed that has no feet. Imagine the wow effect on your visitors when they see the sunlight radiating both above and beneath your bed. It is as aesthetic as it is exclusive. It’s quite expensive, but for one for whom money is no object, this bed sets you conspicuously apart. You can also have floating coffee tables, sofas and even dining tables.

Floating Shower

A floating shower in this case, is not a levitating shower (although that would be a splendid idea) but a shower located in the middle of a room. This can be done by having a shower head from the ceiling. The piping could be done inside the walls and connected to the ceiling. You would most likely want a glass screen to create a more interesting and visual experience. You can do the same with a tub so you wake up from bed, and walk into the tub or shower. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Home cinema

Video Wall

Why go to the movie theater when you can recreate your personal cinema at home. With a video wall and a top notch sound system you experience your personalised new age entertainment in your own room. Imagine a blockbuster movie, a huge screen and a reverberating speakers all from the comfort of your personal space. No more hassles at the movie theater. Your friends can come and hangout in your own cinema. Television viewing like no other. And, of course, for that special moment with your one and only, a home theatre does the trick.

Diamond Encrusted Sofa

Just like the magnetic bed, this is one of the costliest furniture on the world. The sofa is shaped like a diamond and comes with diamond studded platinum buttons. The maker, Plumebanche, designs luxury furniture for high end customers and made only 50 pieces of the sofa. This unashamedly exorbitant sofa is made of mahogany, with pure white leather. It comes in variants of 60 leather colours and 500 lacquer colours.

So there you have it. A couple of fascinating ideas for your home. What do you think of them? Come back here for more insights that would totally blow your mind.

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