5 Exotic Destinations for the Perfect Holiday

Holiday Location

Getting away for a while does not only give the body a refreshing change of state but it also opens the senses to new discoveries about earth’s extensive beauties.

So if you’re planning a new holiday, and want to visit the most exotic places you might have never heard of, let’s give you a quick guide around these luxurious and glamorous destinations.


  1. Jeju Island

Jejuj Island

Situated just off South Korea’s coast, this is where you meet the grandeur of nature and a culture that extols the beauty of life. Home to the highest peak in South Korea, the world’s farthest lava tube, a superb range of fine beaches and the infamous Loveland.

You can hike up and down the Halla mountain in a day, walk around the fine rural networks of the Olle walking trails or enjoy the view of sunrise peak. The island truly boasts a collection that can make any holiday worthwhile.

  1. Finland


Experience the unique Finnish archipelago graced by a still calmness. If what you’re looking for in your holidays is silence and peace, then nature has given you the serene islands of Finland.

There is koli National Park in Lieksa and other natural wonders to enjoy from. The northern lights are also within sight, present for 200 days a year. You can visit the northern Lapland in September too catch the beautiful lights.

  1. Sani Resorts, Halkidiki

Sani Resorts, Halkidiki

Part of Greece’s finest. The resort is surrounded by the waters of the Aegian sea that meets the Kasandra peninsula. A true beauty and masterpiece of nature. Ideal for both family and solo getaways

There are 18 restaurants, a Marina, three beaches, a spa, and three hotels all located within legging distance on site.

  1. Gotland, Sweden

Gotland, Sweden

A beautiful part of Sweden. Almost unknown by most of the world’s serial travellers. Gotland boasts an impressive amount of sunshine, more than any other part of the country and most parts of Europe even. The island is also gifted with astonishing scenery.

A generous place to visit especially when the jovial Swedes are around to celebrate some of their cultures.

  1. Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Savor the luxurious suites and villas, an ambience enhanced by the enlivening greens of beautiful gardens, and the general peace the place has to offer.

The British Virgin Islands is not a much visited place because the Peter island resort is the only attraction. Yet, the resort delivers in terms of a peaceful escape from metropolitan bustle.

So take that well earned break, and splurge. Life is not all about challenges alone, it’s about living, too,  and we owe ourselves the duty to find new experiences and create new memories.

So it’s up to you to give yourself the treat you deserve and have long craved for. Get to calm your senses a little and explore the wonders and beauty of nature. When you finally find your way around these engaging corners of the world, then you would realise that you haven’t lived since.

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