5 Ultra-Fantastic Tech Gifts to Splash on for a Special Friend

A laptop wrapped as a gift

Gift shopping does not have to be a challenge, especially if you know that special person you have in mind is a sucker for good tech. We have compiled a list of 5 awesome tech gifts that go beyond the more ordinary stuff.

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  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2

This wireless speaker looks like something from the future with its silver aluminium casing. Standing at 16.7 inches high, the speakers has 360-degree sound. Also available in a brass tone colour, it makes it easy to play songs from services such as TuneIn and Spotify via its Sonos-esque multi-room technology. Even more, it supports a good number of connection methods like DLNA, GoogleCast, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. This glorious piece of sound technology goes for only $1,895.

Yuneec Tornado

  • Yuneec Tornado H920

Selling at just over $3,000, this 6-rotor drone was built to work with a fantastic customised Panasonic GH4 4k camera that you can buy separately for about $2,700. You’ll want to get the camera if you are interested in capturing video at nearly any angle, made possible by the design of the gimbal which was made to rotate freely from the routers. The quality of the build is superb, making it suitable for serious work. For dual control support, you can buy an extra ST24+ controller for only $1,200.

  • Panono: Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

This camera takes 360-degree photography to whole new level. With this camera, you don’t have to spin around as you normally would with a regular smartphone or camera. All you have to do is toss it in the air and the 11cm Panono camera ball will have a high-resolution 360-degree shot ready for you. You can get the full kit containing the camera plus a tripod adaptor, a storage messenger bag, and a Panono stick for taking pictures without throwing the camera for $2,110.12. Or get just the camera for $2,000.

  • LimbIC Intelligent Chair

This chair is custom-made by hand from aluminium and carbon fibre to suit individually measured customers. This Swiss-made chair cost $8,500 apiece and come with custom colours. The chair allows the user to move in the seat and has dual shells, one for each thigh and cheek. They are a great complement to a standing desk for those who are not keen on standing. If your friend is doesn’t mind getting a bit of exercise at the desk or likes to use virtual reality goggles, this chair will be perfect for them.

  • Emperor 1510 Workstation

This workstation is the perfect choice for complete techno-immersion and maximum productivity. The perfectly adjustable chair has loads of USB inputs and built-in soft sounds and lights. You can get a basic unit without the audio or lights for $5,305. To have a company logo laser cut into the front plate, you can simply upload it.

Whether it’s for a birthday or something else, you simply cannot go wrong with these great tech gifts.

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