5 Superb Destinations for a Winter Holiday on a Luxury Yacht

Winter holiday on yatch

It’s always sad to see summer go and already, we can’t wait for the next summer to arrive. No one said you have to endure the bitter cold days of winter though. You can treat yourself to some glorious sun while you sail in a superyacht exploring your favourite exotic location. This post includes some of the best locations for sailing in winter. If you’ve been to some (or all) of these places before, the fact that they made this list means they are worth visiting again.

1.      British Virgin Islands

The BVIs are renowned for their close proximity, perfect for those holidays where you feel like hopping islands. They are also well-known for their diving, snorkelling, and fantastic beaches. With over 50 islands to explore, the sailing conditions are wonderful, the currents are calm and the trade winds refreshing. The best time to go will be between December to June as the hurricane season lasts from September to November.

2.      Cuba

Cuba might seem like an unlikely destination, but you’ll want a chance to see the glamorous and atmospheric Cienfuegos this winter. Cuba’s ‘Pearl of the South’ has fantastic sailing facilities and you’ll get to enjoy steady winds and a year-round warm climate. You’ll find the crystal clear waters mesmerising and may get tempted to do a bit of snorkelling. Be sure to make a stop and see Havana, the city that seems to be stuck in the fifties.

3.      Croatia

Get mesmerised by the inviting blue water of Croatia, another place that remains warm and sunny through winter. Croatia is truly unforgettable and you’ll never get enough of the cities you get to see from the water or the deserted islands you get to explore. You’ll not want to miss the city of Dubrovnik, with its dramatic 16th century walls and Renaissance look. If you’ve visited in summer, a trip in winter will show you that Croatia remains as beautiful throughout the year.

4.      Thailand

When you think Thailand, chances are the first thought that comes to your mind is not ‘sailing holiday’. While the country is popular for its stunning beaches and hospitable people, it is also known for its superb cruising grounds. The Andaman Sea is Thailand’s maritime jewel and Phuket happens to be the base of sailing in the country. With the beautiful beaches and thousands of islands in the area, you’ll have much to explore. A winter sailing vacation in Thailand won’t be complete without taking the opportunity to indulge in fantastic local Thai food all along the Phuket coast.

5.      Martinique

The glamorous and sophisticated island of Martinique is officially a region of France and its beaches are simply unbeatable. The yachting capital of the island, Le Marin, has a bustling town centre, a brilliant marina, and fantastic waterfront restaurants. To avoid the hurricane season, you’ll want to visit between December and April.

Forget a white Christmas, make it a sunny one!


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