5 Affordable Gadgets you should have Installed in your Car for 2018

Due to the latest technological advancements, different types of gadgets have been developed to be installed in cars for comfort, security, safety and entertainment. However, this has also led to a rise in the number of car accessories available these days. But there are some that are must-haves you need to make your driving a lot easier and fun in 2018 – and they are also pretty affordable.

Drivers these days have been looking for ways to boost their driving experience or multi task without breaking any road safety rules and regulations. Some of these gizmos are sold at some of the most competitive prices in the market, and come in handy when you’re behind the wheel. Here are 5 affordable gadgets you should have installed in your car for 2018.

Real-time Car GPS tracker

Quite a large number of cars get stolen all over the world on a daily basis. Drivers have always sought after ways to protect their vehicle against theft or to keep track of it if it gets missing. The real time car GPS tracker is gadget that can be synchronized with your smartphone to make it easy for to constantly stay updated on where your car is at any particular time – via the internet. This gadget is pretty affordable and can be used to stay connected with who ever is driving your vehicle at the time or even monitor the delivery of a cargo to ensure it doesn’t get diverted.

Car DVR System

The car DVR system (also known as a dash cam) is a safety device that when installed in your car,  helps prevent accidents to a high degree. In 2017, manufacturers of these dash cams have upgraded it to have both rear and front cameras for flexibility in 2018. The ability of this gizmo to view wider angles and it’s resolution have also made it easy for you to see all that’s going on around your vehicle. It also has sensors that serve as aid to help you park your vehicle especially when there’s no one to look out for you when making a reverse. For less than £70, you can get one installed in your car. Some even come with an Android Operating System to enable you watch movies and play music in your car. There is also a GPS system for easy navigation. That’s like 3-in-1 she in affordable price.

Bluetooth Car Transmitter

There are a lot of gadgets that dont work on older car models, the Bluetooth car transmitter is definitely one of them. Since it’s for a better driving experience in 2018, it’s only wise you fit it into your much latest car model. This gadget allows you sync your car stereo with mobile device. It let’s you listen to your choice of music through your car and you can take calls easily without lifting up your phone.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

This gadget helps you keep tabs on how your tyres are faring. There are water-proof sensors on each of the 4 wheels of your vehicle that updates you on the temperature and pressure of your tyres while you drive. If there’s a puncture, you would also be notified as there will be rapid loss of pressure. Not only will this gadget help keep you safe especially on the highway, it also boosts how long your tyres would last.

USB Charger

Since the gadgets are mainly digital and 2018 is still part of the mobile age, its advisable to keep your phone charged at all times especially when embarking on long journeys. The USB charger powers up your smart phone battery to ensure you are never out of reach while on the road.

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