4 Highly Effective Habits of Winning Entrepreneurs

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Someone once said, the difference between winning and losing is in what you decided to do with what is left after you lose.

We have all been through hard times at some point this year; maybe a missed deadline that cost a lot of money, inability to poach that lucrative client or a personal ailment that affected business.

Such experiences are good, not only because they make you stronger, but also because they make you smarter. Everything you learn from a tough incident reduces your chances of falling for the same mistake in the future.

There are certain ‘winning’ habits of successful entrepreneurs that prevent them from losing next time. As an entrepreneur, losing isn’t only measured by financial loss, allowing yourself to be affected by failure is a loss on its own.

The following habits have been collated from different entrepreneurs who said they helped them adopt a winning personality.

  • Value capacity over capability

Renowned author an ex-army ranger, JC Glick makes an interesting argument for why entrepreneurs should concentrate on developing capacity instead of ability. According to him, leaders who strive for their employees capability, see them tying to reiterate the same procedures for previous successes. But when capacity is the goal, it encompasses both capability and volume growth. Businesses like Blockbuster and Kodak made the same mistake.

  • Surround yourself with the smartest people

Visionary leader and one of the greatest innovators, Steve Jobs said, “It doesn’t make any sense to employ smart people, if you are going to tell them what to do. You employ smart people, so they can tell you what to do.” Even if it makes you the dumbest person in the room, ensure your staff is cognitively diverse. This way, you continue to learn new things every day. Your business is not only better for it, but as a person, you are more equipped to take the company to the next level.

  • Be willing to learn new things

It is no point surrounding yourself a crop of smart workers if you are closed to their ideas. A winning entrepreneur is always welcoming new thoughts and suggestions. You never know where the next breakthrough might come from. Develop your natural curiosity, ask questions; acquire a new skill relevant to your business every month. If you continue to ask the right questions as an individual and a team, you will become more aware of your environment.

  • Be emotionally intelligent

An emotionally intelligent person is deeply aware of their personality, and actions, and how these actions affect the people around them. Our emotions are key to establishing and building relationships that have the tendency to inspire success. Simply put, it is knowing when to listen, when to walk and when to walk away. Leaders who are emotionally inept are like an unpinned hand grenade, when the join a group, people quickly disperse. Fortunately, emotional intelligence can be learned.

These 4 habits are key to developing a winning mentality, and every entrepreneur who adopts them will find them highly effective.


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