16 Exciting Adventures for Adrenaline Junkies

Looking for activities that would make your blood pound in your veins? We go all over the world to discover exciting activities that you can indulge in to get your adrenaline up.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Snowboarding is so old school and surfing is so boring. The current rage is to surf down an extremely sloppy volcano. The best place to enjoy this daredevil fun is at Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua. This is a live volcano which last erupted in as recent as 1999 and has become a Mecca of sorts for extreme boarders who race down the steep slope in speeds of up to 80 kilometer per hour. And if boarding is not your thing, you can enjoy a hike up or down the volcano trail.

Walk a cliff in China

What better way to have adrenaline shooting all through your body than to walk the treacherous Mount Hua in China. This is not your regular trek, at about 2100 meters above sea level, this is one of the most popular and some say, most treacherous mountain range in the world. As if that is not enough, at some point during your trek, somewhere about 1 kilometer above the ground, you will have to negotiate a pass by walking on a slim precarious wooden plank that serves as a bridge.

Skydiving in Nepal

Mount Everest is about 29000 feet and climbing that is no easy feat. That is nothing compared to skydiving from a height higher than Everest. The world’s most elite skydiving adventure also in Nepal where Everest is will carry you more than 1000 feet above the highest peak of Everest where you can jump from the plane and float your way back to camp.

World’s Steepest Rollercoaster in Japan

Opened in 2011 at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park in Yamanashi, Japan, this thrilling rollercoaster offers a free fall of some 120 degrees with riders fighting gravity through several twists and turns and a stomach lurching drop of about 40 meters. The almost vertical drop is a Guinness world record for one of the steepest free fall in the world.

World’s highest bungee jump in China

This one is the stories that make legends. No more small stuff like bridge jumping, those are for kids. Head over to AJ Hackett Tower in Macau, China for a death defying leap from the highest bungee jump platform in the world. More than 100 jumpers experience the exhilarating experience of jumping from 764 feet up in the air. Many visitors come over from Japan, making the hour long ferry ride just to enjoy the Macau free fall. Since it started the bungee jump, AJ Hackett has never experience even one accident. Have a go at it, you can even try their night jumps if you dare.

Costa Rica open-sky flight

You have flown in an airplane, maybe even a helicopter, but have you ever flown in an open aircraft? Head over to Hacienda Alta-Gracia Resort in the southern region of Costa Rico to catch an open aircraft flight where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the country. These two-seater aircrafts, powered by only one engine allows you even touch the clouds. Grab a camera and put your head in the clouds.

The most dangerous road in Bolivia

Do you love cycling? Are you looking for extreme cycling adventure? Then head over to La Paz in Bolivia. Barely one hour outside the region is the North Yugas road also known as the road of death or the road of fate. This is a road so treacherous that it is called the World’s most dangerous road. That doesn’t deter the thousands of people that pay to cycle on it every year. The road begins at about 15000 feet with its 40 miles of treacherous terrain and sheer drops attracting more than 25000 cyclists every year. It is estimated that 300 people die every year cycling on this road.

Sleep in the Sky in Peru

Ever wanted to spend the night in the sky? Well the nest best thing is available. Skylodge Adventure Suites is the only hotel in the world where that offers you the opportunity to spend the night in a transparent bedroom hanging in the sky. Well not really the sky but its quite close. Natura Vive, a tourism company took pods and hinged them to the side of cliffs more than 1000 feet in the air. This is the closest thing to building castles in the air you will come across. To enjoy this treat, yu will have to first hike 1300 feet of trails and ziplines. With just $400, you too can own a night in the sky plus dinner and breakfast thrown in.

Running with Bulls in Spain

This one might appear a little run of the mill but there no adrenaline pump like the fear of getting trampled or gored by one of the most fearsome animals known to man. The largest running of the bulls event takes place during the 9 day festival of San Fermin in Pamplona Spain. Fifteen bulls are let loose to run rampart in the streets before being herded into the bull ring. Since 1924, at least fifteen people have died in the run so this one is not for the slow or fainthearted.

Cage of Death in Australia

Do you have a craving for adventure? Then head over to Cove Darwin in Australia where you will find the cage of death. You can stand or swim face to face with one of the most dangerous predators known to man, the crocodile. In the 15 minutes session, visitors are placed in an acrylic cage and put in the water where they can watch crocodiles of more than 15 feet during feeding. About the experience, one visitor wrote “there’s no alternative than to cringe in fear and pray that the acrylic cage holds.”

Hot Air Balloon Travel In Turkey

This is one of the oldest forms of air adventure that is not very much in vogue. That doesn’t it make it any less attractive and thrilling. Silently float over beautiful villages and share in the fun with fellow ballooners are you ply the Turkish sky at night. So long as you don’t go the way of Oz in the wizard of Oz.

Walk on a wing in UK

Experience the thrill of standing or seating on an old biplane as it flies in the sky. Originally used for in-flight refueling or transfer of during the war, it has quickly gained a cult following of thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Just like the circles, but this time around, you will be swept up in the skies at about 200 kilometers per hour. Enjoy the feel of the wind in your hair and bugs on your face with this thrilling death defying adventure.

Swim with Sharks in Cape Town

There are several places where you can swim with the sharks but Cape Town is the favorite for this dangerous sport. The waters around Cape Town are practically teeming with these man eaters and are renowned for having the highest population of great white sharks in the world. If you are up for some dangerous fun, then gather your nerves of steel and jump into a steel cage and join these fearsome beasts for a swim. Daredevils can even swap the cage for a board and surf the monster waves of Cape Town waters and yes, there are sharks there also.

Sandboarding in Morocco

Snowboarding used to be one of the most popular adventures. Not anymore. It has now been modified and adapted to another popular sport for thrill seekers. This popular adventure involved first hiking up the steep mountain of sand in Morocco’s Sahara Desert and then racing down the steep sand on boards in speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. After you have tried snowboarding and surfing, here is one more for the books.

Walking the edge in Canada

This one has become an urban adventure that only the strong hearted can engage in. The EdgeWalk in Toronto Canada involves a hands free walk around CN’s Tower rotating restaurant. Harnessed at more than a thousand feet in the air, 116 stories above the ground, adventurers get to enjoy a 30 minute walk above the city taking in the city skyline and incredible vista.

Crossing the Bridge in the Alps

Trift Bridge is the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the Alps. At almost 400 feet and nearly 600 feet long, high above the breathtaking Trift Glacier below, this bridge takes about 2 hours to cross. You have to be really fit to even reach and bridge and the mere sight of it can turn your knees to jelly. It is one thing to climb a mountain, it is something quite different to cross one on a skinny flimsy looking bridge high up in the sky.

None of these adventures are for the fainthearted so if you have nerves of steel, gear up and get one for the record.

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