10 Reasons Why Water is Essential for Health

Water Essential for Health

The best tip you can get for better nutrition, a successful diet, and a general healthier disposition is to drink lots of water.

Water is essential for life. While a person can go as long as 3 weeks without food as was proved by Mahatma Gandhi who survived 21 days of starvation, the number of days a human can go without water ranges from 3-7 days, the conditions being a major factor.

Two-thirds of the adult human body is made of water and hence is a major requirement for it to properly function and be in good, healthy condition. There are a number of reasons why water is essential, some you know, and some you’re unaware of. This article will shed some light on them.

  1. Water Removes Toxic Substances

The kidney removes toxins from the body from our urine and blood. When you don’t take enough water, there’ll be less fluid than is required to flush out waste and toxic substances through the bladder, resulting in them remaining in the body and comprising your immune system.

  1. Water Prevents Dehydration

Water is lost from our bodies everyday through sweat, urine, and even breathing. When there’s no water, the metabolism slows down drastically, and because water is essential for the body to function properly, we need to constantly replenish what we lose. Soft drinks and other liquids including alcohol and beverages are a poor substitute for water because they also steal water from the body.

  1. Water Aids Digestion

Without water, proper digestion cannot occur. Water helps to break down food so that the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body. When you take water during a meal, it has little or no effect on digestion, but it softens and flushes waste from the intestine thereby preventing constipation.

  1. Water Transports, Regulates and Facilitates Chemical Reactions

One of the benefits of water is that it regulates body temperature. For instance, when the outside temperature is high, water prevents overheating of the body by causing us to sweat. Water also transports nutrients all around the body.

These chemical reactions taking place in the body are only made possible because of the presence of water.

  1. Lack of Water can Lead to Serious Side Effects

Lack of Water can lead to fatigue, short-term memory, dizziness, lack of focus and even an inability to think properly.

  1. Water is the Main Source of Water in the Body

Water cannot be gotten from other means and there are no alternatives to water. It is necessary for proper circulation and bodily functions.

  1. Water Aids Weight Loss

Drinking water during weight loss speeds up the metabolism which in turn speeds up your weight loss. It keeps the body hydrated without the unwanted calories. When you drink more water, it helps you feel fuller and helps you eat less.

  1. Water Keeps the Liver in Good Condition

The liver is responsible for clearing metabolic wastes and toxins from the body and fat metabolism also occurs in the liver. When there isn’t sufficient water, there is a buildup of wastes and the liver becomes overburdened.

  1. Water Improves Hormonal Imbalance

When your body undergoes stress, it causes a ripple effect on your insulin, thyroid and sex hormones. In order to maintain hormonal balance, you should drink 1 oz. of water for every 2 lbs. of weight every day.

  1. Water Enhances Immunity and Disease Prevention

According to experts, when you stay hydrated it increases your chances of aging well. The bone marrow, blood, colon, are some of the important organs that affect the immune system. Proper intake of water keeps them in good working condition.

  1. Water Acts as Joints Lubricant

Water helps to remove accumulated acid wastes in the joints, thus preventing inflammation and pain and other effects like arthritis and back pain. In addition, the eyes are organs too and require an adequate amount of water. When the eyeballs are not properly hydrated, they are not unable to clear out debris due to lack of fluids. Also, they don’t function properly, blinking becomes uncomfortable and you start to strain your eyes.

Water is essential for the body but it should not be over-consumed as it causes water intoxication or hyper-hydration which is a potentially deadly condition.


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