Lenovo finally profitable on mobile after buying Motorola

Blackmagic, maker of affordable 4K video cameras.

When Intel’s original Compute Stick was released awhile ago – many people had pretty big expectations about it. Nevertheless it ended up being a huge upset sales wise. Indeed, the idea of using computer of a USB flash drive size was tempting, to say the least. Disadvantages it had though resulted in a mass market rejection (only one USB port?!). But now, with Intel’s second-gen Compute Stick ($159) out on the market – it looks drastically different to that previous situation. And though it may look kind of similar – the list of advantages in comparison to the previous model is big. Faster processor, better networking and more USB ports — to actually make it a usable computer. Original Compute Stick looked and worked just like a prototype that left Intel’s labs before designers ever tried to do something with it. However, as soon as you take a closer look at this new generation stick, it looks user-friendly and actually usable. Instead of square, rectangular style, now it displays smooth curves and edges, perforated openings for its tiny fans (previously they looked like cheap grilles molded into plastic).

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