About us

About us

Terrence Malick

Working with Gadnews since day 1 in 1998, Terrence grew to become our Chief Editor, curating our content policy and picking devices for reviews. His expertise lasting almost 20 years helps him to lead us into latest gadget trends.

Steven Fury

Co-Senior Editor
Steven is working with us less than our Chief Editor Terrence, but still has some 10 years of expertise on the subject.

Lionel Archer

Lionel is an avid techie, who graduated from MIT in 2004 and has been working in IT industry ever since. Now he works as our Co-Senior Editor.

Gary Lewis

One of the brightest young talents of our editorial board, Gary works with us for the last 4 years and definitely does not lack tech skills or knowledge.

Danielle Lecrown

Danielle is with us for over 2 years. Nevertheless his passion driven performance and his previous work with many hardware startups help us a lot!